As an aware and rational client, whenever you come across the name UJUDEBUG the first obvious question that would come to your mind is what is UJUDEBUG. As a rational person, it is completely justified for you to want to know about something before actually investing your hard earned money in its products. So, here we have tried to answer some of the basic questions about UJUDEBUG and its working.

General Questions

1What is ujudebug?
Established as a software company in Tezpur, Assam, UJUDEBUG has established itself as one of the premiere and uniquely customer friendly software solution companies of Assam and the North-eastern part of India. Our traditional business model is based on satisfying the software needs of common people in the digital markets of Assam as well as the whole of India. UJUDEBUG offers a vast and varied range of complete IT solutions to the clients right from web design to app development. At present, we are focused mainly on software services, embedded systems, web development, mobile applications and training services. But then, one could easily ask, “What’s so different about that?” Well, our uniqueness from other such service providers lies in our effort, dedication and commitment towards bringing these solutions to our clients at the most affordable cost and the least bit of hassle and confusion. With our detailed technical knowledge, we create products that are innovative, professional and user friendly. Simultaneously our team also works with continuous dedication to conceive new solutions and make them sustainable so that we can provide end to end solutions to complex business needs. With our experience and brand value increasing by leaps and bounds each day, we know that our numerous upcoming projects will only add to what we are already. UJUDEBUG imparts it’s services primarily through its two offices at Tezpur and Guwahati, but we can be contacted from any part of Assam through our numerous correspondents.
2What does UJUDEBUG do?
UJUDEBUG specializes in all kinds of technology related projects. Website, mobile application, IT software and services, web security, eCommerce solution, online marketing and SEO, you name the problem and UJUDEBUG will provide you with the best possible solution. Though we are a relatively new company in the field but we have significant experience in software development. You can visit our portfolio page to know more about our previous projects.
3Where is Ujudebug?
UJUDEBUG imparts it’s services primarily through its two offices at Tezpur and Guwahati, but we can be contacted from any part of Assam through our numerous correspondents.

Project Related Questions

1What is the time required for completion of a project?
The time taken to complete a project depends entirely on the complexity of the project ordered. We will definitely try to deliver the product in the shortest time possible. Generally, a website takes 3 to 4 days to complete and an android app takes 1 to 2-week time. So, the time required for delivery can only be fixed after going through your requirements.
2What do you need to provide us with?
You will have to provide us with your requirements regarding the project and the time frame in written beforehand. The rest is our responsibility.
3What are our charges?
The price that we set for the project entirely depends on your requirements. We can however assure you that our price would be the least that you can find in the market. You can ask for free quote and compare our price with others in the market.
4What is Lowest Price Promise?
We’re all looking for the best prices, even saving a couple of rupees can make a huge difference. That’s why we’ll match the price of your products if you find them cheaper somewhere else.

Our price match promise
We’ll price match any item we sell against any other seller. Here’s what you need to do to you get the best price:

- Give us a call on +918486201473
- Let our friendly team know the product
- Tell us where you spotted it
- Get it on cheapest price

That’s it! The whole thing should only take a few minutes and you’ll save some money too. Winner winner!
5What technology do we use?
We always use the latest technology in building a product such as Java, PHP, JavaScript, Python, Objective-C, C, C++ and C#, SQL, IOS, HTML5, CSS3, Node.js, AJAX, jQuery etc. Moreover you can also let us know of any preferred technology that you would like.
6What if a problem appears on the product after delivery?
We would take full responsibility for any kind of error or bugs appearing on the product. We will resolve all such problems free of cost.

Service Related Questions

1What if you are not satisfied with the product?
We can assure you of your 100% satisfaction with our product. However, in the worst of scenarios if we are unable to deliver the product as per your requirements, we will redesign it free of cost.
2What are our maintenance policies?
We provide maintenance services for our clients. But whether you want to maintain it yourself or need our services is solely up to you.

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