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How to get a Web Developer Job in Guwahati

Web Developer job in Guwahati

Web Developer job in Guwahati

In this modern world, everything around us is on the Internet. We often go to the internet for our day-to-day solutions, the website we browse, and the apps we use to buy products, food, and many more things. Further, we spend most of our time on social media going through photos, videos, and other people’s profiles. All these things are possible by the web developer who designed, developed, and put it online. As many new websites and apps are being created. The demand for handling and building these websites is increasing subsequently. As a result, here in Guwahati, many people want to pursue this web developing job as their career. So, the question occurs How to get a Web Developer Job in Guwahati. As Web Developer Jobs in Guwahati is not that popular, it is difficult to find this job. But nowadays, people are realizing that they can see their future in this field.

Before that, we should know what does Web Developers do and how many types of web developers are there?

Web developers are responsible for designing and developing websites and web applications. They create a website or web application and see how it will react. Moreover, using a variety of programming languages and web technologies, web developers manage site functionality, implement application features, and integrate security measures. There are also many things they do like creating content, debugging, and many more.

Types of Web Developer, there are 3 types of a web developer :
  • Frontend Developer: A front-end developer (also known as client-side development) is a person who is responsible for building what you see and interact with on a web page or application. Front-end developers use a variety of programming languages and frameworks such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build the exterior look and features of a site.
  • Backend Developer: Back-end developers use programming languages such as PHP, SQL, Python, and Ruby to design, build and integrate applications from front-end development into the back end. In other words, they make the features on the site operator and deals with the data how is stored on the server, application, and database, etc.
  • Full-stack Developer: The person with skills in both front- and back-end development are known as “full-stack developers.”

Keeping all this in mind, let us get started on How to Get a Web Developer Job in Guwahati

1. First and most important Learn HTML, CSS, & JavaScript

These are the building blocks of a website and the basic elements one should know before creating any web page or website. So, let us know a little about these three things first:

  • HTML:

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is a standard markup language that is known by all web browsers and it is used to describe the content of your site. It is not so much the design part, but the structure and content itself. HTML works with a specific syntax of tags. Below there is an example of the classic “Hello, World ” HTML page.


The text between<html>and </html>describes the web page, and the text between <body>and </body>is visible on your web browser. The markup text<title>Title</title>defines the browser page title, and the tag<div>defines a division of the page that makes it easy for a styling website. There are many tags and their attributes that are used to create any website and its pages.

  • CSS :

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is a code syntax designed to describe how HTML elements will be displayed on the screen nicely and attractive way. So, without CSS the HTML page will look dull and lifeless. It allows developers to place the content in different positions on the screen. Further, it allows the developer to add colors, backgrounds, borders, fonts, animations, anything you need to match your design is likely CSS supports it. Below there is an example of how CSS is used.


  • Javascript :

Javascript is a programming language, that is one of the most popular programming languages, which is used by web developers for running web pages in web browsers. We can say it the interactive part of a web page. Moreover, It allows the developer to interact with their HTML by handling events such as the user clicking on an element, timed events, and much more. It also allows them to dynamically change the contents of the web page, meaning that it has access to the “HTML”.


Learning HTML, CSS, and Javascript will be a big step towards becoming a web developer, it can be hard to learn it, but you should take your time. Learning JavaScript will be harder them HTML and CSS, but it is not impossible. These are the basic and one should always know before going for a web developer job in Guwahati.

3. Learn serverside scripting language PHP and MySql 

Server-side scripting, or backend development, deals with the server.  Whatever goes here is behind the scenes. Further, the backend is fundamental to the part of a website that is not displayed on the screen for the user. Moreover, it is accountable for storing and organizing data, and ensuring that everything on the client-side runs easily. It does this by exchange information with the front end. Server-side scripting uses languages like PHP and MySql.

  • PHP and MySql :

    • PHP is a server-side scripting language designed specifically for the web. Within an HTML page, you can embed PHP code that will be executed each time the page is visited. Your PHP code is interpreted at the web server and generates HTML or other output that the visitor will see. But PHP is not visible to the user, that’s why it is called backend language.
    • MySQL is a very fast, robust, relational database management system (RDBMS). A database enables developers to effectively store, search, sort, and retrieve data. The MySQL server controls access to your data to ensure that multiple users can work with it all at once, to provide fast access to it, and to ensure that only authorized users can obtain access. Hence, MySQL is a multiuser, multithreaded server. It uses Structured Query Language (SQL), the standard database query language.

4. Selecting Development Specialization :

After you have learned the basics, you now can choose your specialty, which you will enjoy doing it. Like every element of a website is linked to something else, and it is complex work to create a website successfully. Depending on the specific requirements, a web developer will be creating it by using various applications and programs.

As different programming languages have different Frameworks. Just like JaveScript has frameworks like Angular JS, Node.js, etc. And Php has frameworks like Laravel, CakePHP, etc. Moreover, there are different frameworks for Frontend and Backend web development.

5. Some PHP frameworks you should learn:

A PHP framework provides a basic structure for the backend web framework for the development of web apps. It is easy and fundamental for the developers. There are few frameworks like:

  • Laravel

                Laravel has become the most desired free, open-source PHP framework in the backend web framework. As it can manage complex web applications stably, at a noticeably faster pace than other frameworks. Laravel makes the development process faster by easing common tasks such as routing, sessions, caching, and authentication. As a result, it is appropriate when developing applications with complex backend requirements, whether small or large.

  •  CodeIgniter

                 CodeIgniter is a PHP framework appropriate for developing dynamic websites. It offers various pre-built modules that help with building strong and reusable components. CodeIgniter is a lightweight and simple PHP framework that’s stress-free to install, unlike other frameworks. Because of its simple setup process and highly explain documentation, it is perfect for beginners.

There also other PHP Frameworks like CakePHP, etc. That you can learn if desire.

7. Python In Web Development :

Python is easy and fun to learn language and can also be used to build server-side web applications. Above all, its syntax is clear and easy to understand. Python is the best choice for beginners. Python provides many frameworks from which you can easily create a web application. One of the most famous frameworks is Django.

  • Django: Django is a python framework, that makes it easier to create better Web apps more rapidly and with less code. Therefore, Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design. It lets you build high-performing, elegant Web applications quickly.
  • SQLite: By default, Django uses SQLite. SQLite is included in Python, so you won’t need to install anything else to support your database. When starting your first real project. However, you may want to use a more scalable database like PostgreSQL, to avoid database-switching which makes more work for you.

8. AJAX :

AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript And XML. It allows web pages to be updated asynchronously by exchanging data with a web server behind the scenes. This means that it is possible to update parts of a web page, without reloading the whole page. In other words, it is a web Developer’s friend because you can read data from a web server – after the page has loaded. Moreover, Update a web page without reloading the page and Send data to a web server – in the background.

9. React Native :

React Native is an open-source mobile application framework, that is created by Facebook. It is the best Javascript library for building user interfaces for your application. React Native lets you create truly native apps. It provides a core set of platform-agnostic native components like View, Text, and Image
that map directly to the platform’s native UI building blocks.

If you are looking to work as React native developer you can go to this link for further details. As they have all the information that React Native developers, should have before they are hired.

10. Where to go to learn Frameworks and languages

Those who have decided to learn all these languages and frameworks. Finds difficult to learn all think from. Firstly, You can always go for books, but the books will only provide you with details and information. You will have to do it practically to fully understand it. Secondly, you can go to YouTube, as there are many videos, lessons of different frameworks. And there are also many websites there provide code, templates, and many other things related to web development. Some of the websites are Stack Overflow, W3Schools, etc. These websites will helps you dealing with your error and make you understand why the error was there.

11. Finally Create a strong C.V.

Your C.V is the first thing that a recruiter will see and base on that he/she will ask you questions. So, will really need to put your skills and personality. Also, You can put your work experience if have any. Moreover, You can also put your project you have done during your learning period. Most importantly, choose a clean and good-looking template for your C.V., that will help you create a nice impression of yourself in front of the employer. You go to this link to know how to create a CV.

We already know that there is a major job crisis in this country. Although this industry is never going to die. If you have done all this thing and learn all the basics and the framework, then you can go and find a job as a Web Developer.  Now you know How to get a Web Developer Job in Guwahati. And, you can go to any company with confidence for the job of a Web Developer in Guwahati. Or You go to this link to get a web developer job at our company. You can contact us or visit our website we all the details need for becoming a full-fledge Web Developer in Guwahati.

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We'll price match any item we sell against any other seller. Here’s what you need to do to you get the best price:

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